Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Starting a new life???(2)

Both human monsters were yelling the same words over and over again. However, Amelia wasn't able to understand them - her ears heard their harsh voices, which resembled some inarticulate sounds - wild, horrible and violent. Her mind seemed to prepare her for the worst - for the last journey, from which you can't come back home and say hello to your beloved.. Her body still paralyzed would let the abusers accomplish their action... They were also nervous, but vodka helped them feel no regret or fear. Irena wanted only one thing : to eliminate this woman - she always found her redundant...too attractive, smart and courageous. Amelia was for her no one but the obstacle, which should have been removed a long time ago, without her the world and Irena's life would have been simpler and nicer. That's why, she had encouraged her husband a few days before to prepare "a nice surprise" for her colleague...the plan was easy. Firstly, asking Amelia for a short visit - as the woman had no family in Olkusz and lived alone in her apartment, no one should notice her sudden absence. Secondly, punishing her and if possible letting her die - Amelia seemed so delicate and weak, she often said about the problems with her heart. Yes, it was easy. Irena's husband was so helpful and fascinated with the idea - he also hated the women like Amelia (too self-confident and too unavailable), he had some hope that his wife would let him rape "their friend", he needed to prove who has power and relieve the stress... There are sitiuations, in which the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness overwhelms us, but after some time we wake up and regain the strength. That's why we can survive...

Starting a new life...?

Death had seemed so unreal, impossible and distant before Amelia felt the pain of dying... The beginning of March, 1997 was cold and snowy in Olkusz, the days passed slowly - at that time Amelia was fed up with living in boring Olkusz and she considered the possibility of changing the job and moving to her hometown. She didn't want to live in a provincial place and be a teacher any longer, as she needed new opportunities and chances for better life. Her sister encouraged her to apply for the post of assistant of the vice-President of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. After a long and tiresome interview, Amelia was informed that she was the best of all the candidates and got the job... If you had seen her wonderful smile, you would have known - how important, joyful it was for her. In three months she was going to start her career at the university - it seemed a marvellous perspective, because the job wasn't just fascinating - it was also well-paid. Two weeks after this interview Amelia was coming back from high school, when one of her colleagues (a teacher of Russian) asked her to drop in and visit her. Mind you, the woman (let's call her Irena) wasn't Amelia's friend at all - just one of many workmates, who weren't worth of being paid attention to. As she lived in a small block of flats in the same district, visiting her just for a while couldn't be a problem. That's why, Amelia decided to go to her for a small chat and a cup of tea. Their conversation had been nice until Irena's husband came back from work. It was a typical Polish macho, who couldn't imagine a meeting without alcohol and dirty words. He was talking nonsense about the politics and other issues.After a few minutes of "chatting" with this jerk, Amelia thought it didn't make sense to stay there. She felt so strange and uncomfortable with the couple that she said with a quiet voice; "It was really nice, thanks for the tea. But you know, I'm pretty busy and...I must go home...". To her astonishment, the couple reacted brutally - the man started strangling Amelia while his wife didn't let her move... it was a real nightmare, which seemed to last very long. Amelia was petrified with fear, for the first time in her life she had been behaving like a living corpse -as if nothing could have been done. In fact, she had only one wish- "let me die quickly, don't torture me, please..." But she wasn't able to say a word, though there was one word she wanted to scream: "WHY? " To be continued soon...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome after 4 years of silence!!! I've been absent on my blog for a long time, the reasons are very personal, but I'm going to reveal them soon. Welcome to all my readers the old and new ones. Yours, Amelia

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Love and Polish cuisine (continuation)
Amelia was greedy for love, affection and sex - she was still a young woman, full of vigour and energy. She needed passionate kisses and spontaneous, joyful and long lovemaking. Who knows, if at that time she hadn't been almost dying of acute stomachache, she might have spent the rest of the night with the guy called Peter.
"He is quite handsome, though too overconfident and behaves like a jerk at times...But on the other hand, does it matter in bed???" - such thoughts appeared in Amelia's mind.However, after a while she said reluctantly a bit,
"Peter, I like you - but I can't see a good reason, why I should have sex with you now... Can't you understand I don't feel comfortable with my stomachache? What I need now is sleep not sex. Think about it, think about me, not only about yourself....if you can do it."
Of course, Pete couldn't do it, he simply wanted Amelia very much, her feelings or pain - it didn't matter, at all. That's why he kept on tempting her long minutes, cherishing the hope that she would give up and jump with him to her warm bed...
No woman had rejected his offer or invitation - for a long time he had been working with pleasure to get an opinion of a nice playboy...and now he didn't want to lose the battle with a delicate and attractive Amelia!!!
But he lost it and left her home together with other guests...Amelia went to bed alone and hoped Pete would understand and forgive her soon.
Next day she felt much better physically and emotionally. She even ate something delicious for breakfast - it must have been a sandwich with cottage cheese, I suppose.
Some time later when Amelia was as sound as a fish (as we say in Poland), she thinking for a while about this supper and Pete's behaviour once again... she drank a glass of mead, after she whispered to herself , "Your health".


Love and Polish cuisine...
Amelia has never been a perfect cook. But she managed to learn some recipes, thanks to them she could attract attention of a few male hearts. When she came back from high school, she used to fry placki ziemniaczane (look at some info below) or cook pierogi (with cabbage and mushrooms, strawberries or minced meat), these have been her favorite dishes. Sometimes she preferred more international cuisines: Italian or Mexican, but it doesn't make sense to write about it more. In the USA, Canada, Austalia or Great Britain you have more international restaurants than Amelia in her small Poland, therefore you must know various national cuisines much better than her...Am I right?
Amelia still remembers one evening, during which she prepared a supper for her three friends. She couldn't eat at all, as she was really ill at that time.While the guests were devouring Italian pasta with special sauce, Amelia felt horrible - she wasn't able to look at them, she couldn't stand the smell of food. All the time she asked the guests in her thoughts, "Finish it, stop talking and leave me alone, please". In fact, I should explain, the guests were invited for the supper,but they stayed at Amelia's home long hours. They didn't pay attention to the young woman, who was so weak and looked pale. And she was trying to be a nice host, who behaves according to the Polish rule (expessed in the proverb): "When the guest comes to your home, the God accompanies him". It sounds strange, doesn't it?
The food must have been really delicious, as one of the guest, Peter, was so delighted that he started to pay attention to Amelia's charms. After a while, he whispered some compliments to her ear and even suggested that they should make love together, as sex is the best remedy for all sorts of illnesses...
If you wanna know, what happened later - read the next post, please. Now I suggest you read some info connected with a very tasty drink...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Catholic priest (father Rydzyk) and politics

It's an article from "Warsaw Voice", which Amelia read several months ago.
Fr. Rydzyk Slams Gov't

19 December 2007

Controversial Redemptorist priest Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, founder of the ultra-Catholic Radio Maryja station and television station Trwam, has lashed out at the government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, whom he accused of "a plan to destroy Radio Maryja."

Rydzyk's statement followed the environment ministry's decision to revise an agreement under which Lux Veritatis, a foundation owned by Rydzyk, had secured 15 million euros worth of European Union co-financing under the previous government of Jarosław Kaczyński. The funds are intended for the foundation's geothermal research in Toruń.

Rydzyk also lambasted a plan by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to audit a social sciences and media college in Toruń that is a part of Rydzyk's media corporation.

Rydzyk appealed to Radio Maryja listeners to write letters of protest to Tusk. A similar appeal in 1999 ended in a spectacular success for Rydzyk: 7 million people supported Radio Maryja's bid to extend its broadcasting license at the time.

Law and Justice (PiS) politicians linked with Radio Maryja, including senator Ryszard Bender and deputy Anna Sobecka, have expressed their support for Rydzyk. "Radio Maryja's continued existence is threatened under the new government," they wrote in a statement, and said they would take part in a street protest in Warsaw "to defend the station."

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Amelia' reflections on spirituality, love and politics...
It was July 1996, it must have been 1 p.m., but Amelia was still lying in bed - she had the splitting headache and felt melancholic. One of her best male friends, called Arkadius, was going to marry a stupid blonde deprived of brain cells. Why did he choose her?
"What a shame.. and what a pain," Amelia thought, "I had lost him, lost my illusions and love".
She tried to convince herself that his fiancee probably was better in bed or maybe she wasn't such a silly girl, as it seemed. No doubt, Amelia disliked her rival and felt the great despair.She didn't go to church to see the wedding ceremony, because she wouldn't be able to listen to the words of the Catholic priest - which united the couple until the end of their lives.Amelia couldn't help thinking that this marriage will be a disaster, that was another reason why she wasn't at the ceremony. (By the way, she was right - Arkadius was very unhappy then...).
In the evening Amelia met her friends in the small pub in Olkusz and talked about the meaning of wedding ceremonies, divorces, contraceptives and abortion. As you know, Catholics can't make love before marriage, they mustn't take a divorce or even use condoms... They also talked about the essence of spirituality, God's care and other religious issues. After the exchange of different views, which sounded like a quarrel, Amelia asked Peter, one of her best friends, about the role of the Catholic church in politics.
"Well, I can't imagine our political life without some noble priests like Father Jankowski or Father Rydzyk", he said.
"You must be kidding, Peter", Amelia spoke up, " Can't you see that both of them aren't true patriots? They are full of hatred towards Jews, and you call them 'noble priests'???"
"Amelia, calm down a bit, don't you notice that Father Rydzyk takes care about moral values based on the Bible?" Peter replied, " He only preserves our Polish traditions, because Poland should be free from those, who want to buy our land - Jews, German people etc."
The discussion lasted for two hours and led to nowhere...Amelia wasn't able to understand, why educated people mix religion with politics. Why are they manipulated by politicians and some priests greedy for power? Why are they so blind and stupid...?
A few years later she read a very fascinating article, which opened her eyes. And now, my dear bloggers, you are also invited to read it...in next post.
It was published in Warsaw Voice.