Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Starting a new life???(2)

Both human monsters were yelling the same words over and over again. However, Amelia wasn't able to understand them - her ears heard their harsh voices, which resembled some inarticulate sounds - wild, horrible and violent. Her mind seemed to prepare her for the worst - for the last journey, from which you can't come back home and say hello to your beloved.. Her body still paralyzed would let the abusers accomplish their action... They were also nervous, but vodka helped them feel no regret or fear. Irena wanted only one thing : to eliminate this woman - she always found her redundant...too attractive, smart and courageous. Amelia was for her no one but the obstacle, which should have been removed a long time ago, without her the world and Irena's life would have been simpler and nicer. That's why, she had encouraged her husband a few days before to prepare "a nice surprise" for her colleague...the plan was easy. Firstly, asking Amelia for a short visit - as the woman had no family in Olkusz and lived alone in her apartment, no one should notice her sudden absence. Secondly, punishing her and if possible letting her die - Amelia seemed so delicate and weak, she often said about the problems with her heart. Yes, it was easy. Irena's husband was so helpful and fascinated with the idea - he also hated the women like Amelia (too self-confident and too unavailable), he had some hope that his wife would let him rape "their friend", he needed to prove who has power and relieve the stress... There are sitiuations, in which the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness overwhelms us, but after some time we wake up and regain the strength. That's why we can survive...

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